Practical Theology


PRTH1710: Exploring Vocation and Call

Credits 1
An exploration of calling and vocation. Emphasis will be given to the experience of a "call." Stories of how others have experienced their call and come to serve in their vocation will be considered.

PRTH1810: Spiritual and Personal Formation I

Credits 1
This course introduces the student to basic spiritual and personal practices and disciplines associated with those going into vocational ministry. Preparation for serving in a local church will be included in this course.

PRTH1820: Spiritual and Personal Formation II

Credits 1

This course continues the study and practices begun in PRTH1810. Students will develop some consistent habits and practices that will help them be successful as persons and future ministers. Fee: Additional fee required.

PRTH2420: Missional Church I: Intercultural and Global Perspectives

Credits 3

An introduction to the study of the Christian church in its mission. Attention will be given to biblical and theological foundations, historical perspectives, and cultural dimensions of the mission of the church, with specific attention to intercultural and global perspectives regarding that mission. This course will include a study of Christian missions and its current role with contemporary global ministries. A field trip is a required part of the course. Fulfills a General Education Cultural Competency (CC) requirement. 

PRTH2810: Spiritual and Professional Formation I

Credits 1

This course focuses on the development of specific spiritual and professional practices as they relate to the Christian life and vocational ministry. Students will be expected to serve in a local church context. Included will be some specific assessments through the Spiritual and Professional Lab that is attached to this course (PRTH2810L).  Fee: Additional fee required.

Corequisite Courses

PRTH2810L: Spiritual and Professional Formation Lab

Credits 0

Students in this lab meet in person or online with a student in NNU's graduate counseling program for the interpretation of their California Psychological Inventory (CPI) results and a formative assessment of their personal development with respect to theological studies and vocational ministry. Successful completion of this lab is required for graduation. Grade of Pass/Fail.

Corequisite Courses

PRTH3320: Worship and Sacraments in the Church

Credits 3

This class will consider a theology of worship with a practical application for how to form faithful communal worship services. Along with a study of the principles of Christian worship, attention will be given to the development of contextualized, theologically informed worship, and the rites and sacraments of Christian worship.

PRTH3710: Preaching

Credits 3

A study of the preparation and delivery of sermons within the context of worship; includes preaching practice.

PRTH3770: Pastoral Care and Counseling

Credits 3
This course will explore pastoral care in two dynamic forms. The first relates to the ability of pastors to care for their own selves. The second is closely related to the first by focusing on a pastor's ability to provide spiritual and whole-person care for others. The course focuses on basic styles of pastoral counseling, congregational care ministries, and the internal discipline of pastoral self-care in addition to the pastor's external role as both a spiritual counselor and guide for those who require more advanced professional support.

PRTH3810: Spiritual and Ministry Formation I

Credits 1
This course continues to focus on the spiritual development of the student in relation to one's call to ministry, but also seeks to develop and nurture specific ministry skills in local church settings.

PRTH3880: Camping and Recreation Ministry

Credits 2

An introduction to the philosophy, methods and skills necessary to plan, organize and administer camp and recreation ministries for the local church and other connected entities. Fee: Additional fee required.

PRTH4720: Missional Church II: Local Church Perspectives

Credits 3

A continuing study of the Christian church in its mission, with special emphasis on church health, growth, and worship as related to contemporary conversations in ecclesiology. Attention will be given to the observation and study of church and community, both historical and contemporary. This course will also deal with the socialization and dynamics of the church to culture and how these affect ministry in the twenty-first century. A field trip may be required. 

PRTH4820: Pastoral Leadership

Credits 3

A study of leadership and administration in Christian ministries. Areas to be discussed will include: spiritual gifts, selecting, organizing, and maintaining a church staff, conflict management and professional ethics. Field trips to several churches will be included.

PRTH4960: Internship in Christian Ministry

Credits 3

A practical course, open only to seniors in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, involving ministry experience in areas which include preaching, counseling, teaching, education, evangelism, administration and missions. This experience will be under the direction of the instructor in cooperation with the supervising ministry mentor. May be repeated for credit. Fee: Additional fee required.


PRTH1710, or instructor's approval.