Honors College General Education

Students enrolled in the Honors College may use the following courses to fulfill the specified general education requirements.  A grade of C- or higher is required.

Honors College Course Fulfills General Education Requirement(s)
HNRS2550. Western Intellectual Traditions I (3) HUMN1020 Cornerstone
Philosophy Elective
HNRS2560. Western Intellectual Traditions II (3) Non-US History Elective
ENGL1040 Introduction to Academic Writing
HNRS3550. Science and Science Fiction (3) Natural Science Lecture Elective
Literature Elective
HNRS3560. Being Human: Theological and
Psychological Reflections (3)
Social Science Elective
Upper-Division Theology Elective

Note: The student will earn 3 credits for each of the above Honors College courses even though the course may fulfill two general education requirements.