All students, faculty, and staff using NNU parking areas must register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit from the Office of Campus Safety. Students should log in to their personal NNU Portal account at and then select Vehicle Registration from the left pane. Students should fill in all of the necessary fields with vehicle information and click to submit. A parking permit will be forwarded to students through campus mail or United States Postal Service. Students are responsible for acting within NNU Standards as it pertains to vehicle use on campus. 

Northwest Nazarene University’s Cabinet designates NNU's Campus Safety Department to enforce traffic rules and regulations on campus. These rules and regulations apply to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors at any NNU campus or property. It is each individual’s responsibility to know, understand, and abide by the requirements of the University Vehicle Code (UVC) and the Idaho Department of Transportation.

1. Registration Information

1.1 All Vehicles

1.1.1 NNU’s vehicle registration is a privilege and not a right.
1.1.2 All vehicles must be registered with the Northwest Nazarene University Campus Safety Department.
1.1.3 Current registration grants a person vehicular access to University property. Registration does not guarantee a parking space.
1.1.4 All permits are the property of NNU. NNU's Campus Safety Department reserves the right to deny or revoke a permit.
1.1.5 Permits must be adhered to the bottom left of the front windshield.
1.1.6 Removal or defacing a parking permit will invalidate registration. All parking permits must be visible from the outside of the vehicle at all times.
1.1.7 The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for notifying NNU's Campus Safety Department on any sale or registration change and updating vehicle information on the NNU Portal. 

1.2 Student Vehicles

1.2.1 Eligible students may register and operate only one vehicle on NNU’s campus at any given time.
1.2.2 Student permits are valid from the date of issuance until deactivated by NNU's Campus Safety Department.

1.3 Faculty & Staff Vehicles

1.3.1 Employee permits are valid from the date of issuance until deactivated by NNU's Campus Safety Department.

1.4 Visitors

1.4.1 Visitors to NNU’s campus are permitted to park in any of the commuter parking lots. The commuter lots are located between the Johnson’s Sports Center and the Wiley Learning Center, the gravel parking lot across from the Thomas Family Health & Science Center, and the gravel lot west of the Admissions Welcome Center.
1.4.2 Approved overnight visitors to NNU’s campus must obtain permission from NNU's Campus Safety Department prior to leaving the vehicle overnight.      

1.5 Freshman Vehicle Policy

1.5.1 NNU does not have a policy against freshmen residents maintaining vehicle registration on campus. Freshmen are allowed to have a vehicle on campus.     

2. Parking and Driving

2.1 Main Campus

2.1.1 Northwest Nazarene University shall assume no liability or responsibility for theft, damage, or loss that may occur during the use of parking facilities or  services. Individuals choosing to park anywhere on NNU’s campus do so at their own risk. Damage to, misuse, or defacing of NNU property or facilities is prohibited and subject to citation and/or criminal prosecution.
2.1.2 Vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. Parking spaces are marked by painted lines and/or posted signage.
2.1.3 Disabled parking spaces are reserved for those vehicles with a disabled license plate/placard.
2.1.4 Resident Director (RD) spaces are marked by signage and are reserved entirely for the RD of the specified building. Parking in the RD parking space will result in fines and/or immobilization.
2.1.5 Parking in any fire lane is not permitted and is subject to fines and/or immobilization.
2.1.6 All parking lots are patrolled from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

2.2 Motorcycles

2.2.1 All motorcycles must be registered the same as any other vehicle on campus. All motorcycles will be held to the same standard as any other cars or trucks.
2.2.2 Motorcyclists must adhere to all motor vehicle regulations on campus.
2.2.3 No motorcycles/Mopeds are to be parked in breezeways, sidewalks, or porches.

2.3 Abandoned/Broken Down Vehicle Policy

2.3.1 A vehicle is considered abandoned or broken down if the vehicle has not moved in the previous 10 days and/or shows signs of abandonment (flat tires, expired tags, no tags, grass growing around tires, etc.). If residents will be off campus leaving a vehicle for an extended period of time, they must notify  the NNU Campus Safety Department.
2.3.2 If a vehicle is determined abandoned or broken down and is not registered with the NNU Campus Safety Department, the vehicle will be marked with a notice advising owners that their vehicle will be removed from campus ten (10) days from the date of the notice.
2.3.3 If a vehicle is determined to be abandoned and is registered with NNU's Campus Safety Department, the registered owner will be contacted and given a ten (10) day notice to personally remove the vehicle from campus or repair the vehicle to working order. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense.
2.3.4 All vehicles are towed at the owner’s expense.

3. Enforcement and appeals

3.1 Citations

3.1.1 NNU reserves the right to ticket and/or tow any vehicle in violation of any established parking regulations at the owner’s expense. Persistent violators may also have their parking privileges denied or revoked.
3.1.2 Citations may be issued by NNU Campus Safety Officers in person, by leaving a ticket on a vehicle, or by email.
3.1.3 Citations are issued at the discretion of the issuing officer. An officer may choose to issue a verbal or written warning in lieu of a citation or fine. Warnings will be attached to the registrant's account but carry no fine.
3.1.4 Vehicle registrants are responsible for all citations issued against their vehicle.
3.1.5 Citation fees are charged to the student accounts. Fees can be paid in the Financial Aid Office located on the lower level of the Emerson Administration Building

3.2 Tow Policy

3.2.1 Vehicles found without a valid parking permit or parked in violation of the Northwest Nazarene University Vehicle Code are subject to citation and/or being towed at the owner’s expense.

3.3 Appeal Process

3.3.1 Appeals for citations are submitted to Director of Campus Safety Scott Chandler by email at
3.3.2 Appeals for citations must be submitted within ten days of the violation to be considered for reduction of fine.
3.3.3 Decisions on appeals are typically rendered in two-three weeks; however, this process may take longer during winter and summer breaks.

4. Bicycles

4.1 Registration

4.1.1 Bicycles are not required to be registered on Northwest Nazarene University
4.1.2 Bicycles are to be locked to a bike rack if one is available.
4.1.3 Bicycles are not allowed inside any buildings. Bicycles found chained inside a building will be removed and held by NNU's Campus Safety Department.
4.1.4 At the end of every spring semester any bicycles left on campus will be removed from campus and donated to a local charity.
4.1.5 Bicycles are permitted to stay on campus during summer break, provided the owner of the bicycle notifies NNU Campus Safety two weeks prior to the end of spring semester with the name of the owner, make, and a picture of the bicycle.

5. Fine Schedule

5.1 Parking Violations

Illegally Parked in a Handicap Space $50 $70
Parking in a Fire Lane $50 $70
Parking Permit Violation $30 $40
Parking in Unassigned Lot $30 $40
Parking in a Reserved Space $30 $40
Blocking Sidewalk or Drive $30 $40
Parking on Grade $30 $40
Parking in a No-Parking Zone $30 $40
Other Violation $30 $40

5.1 Moving Violations

VIOLATION                                                     1ST OFFENSE     2ND OFFENSE   
Reckless Driving or Speeding                      $30 $40
Other violation $30 $40