Transfer Students

The Office of Admissions will review transfer applications and make admission decisions based on unofficial transcripts from all previous college work after high school.

Official transcripts, however, are required from those colleges and universities prior to transfer students beginning their coursework at NNU. Applicants seeking admission as a transfer student may or may not need to present high school transcripts and ACT, SAT or CLT scores as long as the applicant has a minimum of 28 transferable college credits. 

Admission decisions will be made based on college GPA and, if the applicant has fewer than 28 transferable college credits, an official test score will be considered. Failure to report all college and university work attempted could result in denial or revocation of admission.

Federal financial aid regulations require that students transferring to NNU who have not successfully completed at least a two-year program (that is acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor's degree) need to self-certify that they have graduated from high school or have passed the GED in order for NNU to determine eligibility for federal funds.