Staff Emeriti

Terrie Bowen (1986-2021), Multiple positions, most recent, Campus Based Loans Manager in Student Financial Services
Darl Bruner (1994-2024), Alumni Director
Claudia Glover (2000-2018), Administrative Assistant, Office of Academic Affairs
Rhonda Gray (1997-2024), Program Coordinator, Business
M. Wesley Maggard (1975-2019), Financial Aid Director, most recent, Financial Aid Officer
Barbara Manley (1987-2022), Multiple positions, most recent, Office Coordinator, College of Theology and Christian Ministries
Coral Mattei (1998-2022), Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Janeale McClees (2009-2024), Multiple positions, most recent, Assistant Registrar
Coleen Montgomery (1978-2018), Multiple positions, most recent, Technical Assistant in Traditional Enrollment (Admissions)
Carol Poe (1994-2022), Library Services Technician
Marsha Rogers (1994-2018), Multiple positions, most recent, Office Assistant in External Relations
Julie Wiebe (1990-2017), Executive Assistant, Office of Academic Affairs
Deanna Wilde (2007-2022), Library Circulation and Service Desk Supervisor, Administration Assistant to the Dean of Academic Services
Cindy Williams (2009-2024), Multiple positions, most recent, Program Coordinator, Graduate Education