Protected Period Policy

Traditional classes should not be scheduled during the following Protected Periods:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:10am - 10:50am, Reserved for chapel
Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00am - 12:00pm, Reserved for meetings.
Monday through Friday from 3:10pm - 6:30pm, Reserved for athletics, musical groups and other club practices.

In line with the mission of NNU, which seeks the "transformation of the whole person," student participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged. Departments should diligently try to work around these protected periods when scheduling courses each semester. Courses should not be scheduled during the MWF chapel hour. Courses offered in multiple sections can be scheduled during the afternoon protected periods if there is a section also scheduled during the regular class time schedule. When there is no alternative to a single section course being offered during a protected period, it should be done so with the knowledge and approval of the department's dean.

Students who participate in activities that would preclude them from attending courses offered in the afternoon should ensure they are registering at the earliest possible time their class-standing allows.

Students registering for courses offered during protected periods should know that their attendance is expected regardless of other activities and commitments the student may have during the class meeting time.  Athletes who have games must communicate this information with their professors to be excused from class attendance.