Payment or satisfactory financial arrangement of the balance due on a student's account must be completed prior to the start of the semester. In determining the balance due, financial aid awarded for the semester will be deducted from the total semester charges. A late payment fee of $200 may be assessed if payment or a satisfactory financial arrangement has not been completed by the tuition due date. Official transcripts of student course work and diplomas are granted only after the student's account is paid in full. Registration for the next semester and continued enrollment will be available after the current semester's balance is paid in full or satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Business Office.

Many NNU students choose to participate in a payment plan. For information on the payment plan, students should contact the Business Office via email at, by calling 208-467-8596, through the Pay Bill page on the portal, or students may go to directly. Payment plans are available for individual semesters. Parents will need to be given authorization by their child and can then set up a payment plan at