Official Enrollment

Official enrollment at Northwest Nazarene University means that a student has registered for a schedule of classes and has cleared his/her student account with the Business Office.

Registration dates are found in the official University calendar published in this catalog and elsewhere.

Instructions for registration will be furnished to each student prior to the time of registration.

A final registration period of one or two days is scheduled at the beginning of each semester. A $100 late registration fee will be charged for completion of registration after this designated time.

Enrollment Status

Active Status – A student who has been admitted to a Professional Studies program and is enrolled in at least one course.

Inactive Status – A student who does not register for a course applicable to the degree for three consecutive semesters will be removed from active status and must make arrangements with the program director to regain active status.  This policy does not apply to students who are not enrolled due to disciplinary reasons.

Continuous Enrollment – Those students who have completed all course work but have not completed all requirements for a program must be continuously enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour to retain access to university and faculty services.