NNU Matching Scholarships

NNU offers matches to some awards for eligible students who fit specific criteria as detailed below:

Trustee Matching Church Scholarship: Full-time students whose local church awards funds for their use in paying University costs will be eligible to receive matching funds based on the year they begin enrollment at NNU. The 2024-25 match is based on the first $850 received from the church during the academic year. This applies to Nazarene and non-Nazarene churches. NNU will match a church award in the fall and spring semesters each school year, until work is completed on the first bachelor's degree for a traditional full-time undergraduate student. For on-region Nazarene churches who have paid their education budget in full, a 7:1 match will be awarded. On-region Nazarene churches who have partially paid their education budgets will receive a 6:1 or 5:1 match. Students sponsored by an on-region Nazarene church who has not paid its education budget, off-region Nazarene churches, and some approved Treasure Valley non-Nazarene churches have been approved to receive a 4:1 match. Please check with Financial Aid to see if your church qualifies. All other non-Nazarene church awards will be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

NYI Awards: NYI and Regional Main Event scholarships are awards given to students in recognition of excellence in various areas of talent as well as quizzing competitions within the district (NYI) or NW Field Finals each year. NYI awards can be won at a local or national (Q or NYC) level.

The student should present a copy of each award to the NNU Office of Financial Aid so that the scholarship(s) can be included as part of the student’s overall financial aid offer. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.

The NYI and NYC/Q scholarships contain specific directions for the student to follow in order to request that the NYI portion of the funds be sent to NNU. This usually requires a written request from the student to someone within the NYI organization. Once these funds are received, NNU will match these scholarships on a 1:1 basis. Regional Main Event scholarships are awarded at face value.