HUMN1020: Cornerstone

Credits 1

In Cornerstone, students engage with the four interrelated NNU values of Truth, Transformation, Community, and Service through direct experience and reflection on that experience. Students will begin to develop habits for success in college life; engage with the NNU community beyond the classroom; and work with an off-campus partner organization serving the local community.  Must receive a grade of C- or higher to fulfill the General Education Humanities requirement.

HUMN1060: University-Sponsored Travel

Credits 0 1

This course will prepare students for their experiences on University-sponsored trips. Course components will include Cultural Competency preparation and assessment. Fulfills a General Education Cultural Experience (CE) requirement.

HUMN4010: Capstone

Credits 1
This course is intended to help students reflect on their undergraduate experience and plan for the future. Students will reflect on what they have learned by reviewing portfolio materials they have collected, habits of mind they have acquired through study of the disciplines, and the development of their ideas about the four University outcomes. Using the education they have acquired, they will begin planning ways to provide effective service and leadership in their families, churches, community, and work. (See CRIM4010, PSYC4010, SPAN4010)