Honors College

Northwest Nazarene University is committed to academic and intellectual excellence, and the Honors College is designed to provide intelligent, passionate, and curious students with challenges and opportunities that will allow them to expand their intellectual horizons. The Honors College at NNU offers teaching excellence, small seminar-style classes, and innovative courses in its core curriculum such that students in the Honors College form a cohesive learning group. Core courses that offer general education credit, symposia, and undergraduate research are the key elements in this program. Enrollment is limited. In addition to standard admission requirements, students must apply for and receive admission to the Honors College.

Students enrolled in the Honors College may use the following courses to fulfill the specified general education requirements. A grade of C- or higher is required.

Aldersgate Honors College Course Fulfills General Education Requirement(s)
HNRS2550. Western Intellectual Traditions I (3) HUMN1020 Cornerstone
Philosophy Elective
HNRS2560. Western Intellectual Traditions II (3) Non-US History Elective
ENGL1040 Introduction to Academic Writing
HNRS3550. Science and Science Fiction (3) Natural Science Lecture Elective
Literature Elective
HNRS3560. Being Human: Theological and
Psychological Reflections (3)
Social Science Elective
Upper-Division Theology Elective

Note: The student will earn three credits for each of the above Honors College courses even though the course may fulfill two general education requirements.

Additionally, students take HNRS3970: Honors Thesis Research during the fall semester of their junior year, and HNRS4970: Honors Thesis during their senior year. 

For more information, contact the Director of the Honors College, Dr. David Adkins at dadkins@nnu.edu.