HIST3840: The Holocaust

Class Program
Credits 3

The Holocaust was one of the seminal events of the twentieth century, and has had profound effects on the language and concepts that we use to describe atrocities, the way that we interpret history, and even the ways in which we remember and memorialize the past. To put it simply, the Holocaust was more than a singular tragedy in the middle of the twentieth century. It was much worse than so many other tragedies. It was a watershed that created a new lens for looking at the past, present, and future. In this course, we will study the events that make up the Holocaust, the deeper roots of antisemitism that made it possible, and how the Holocaust has been remembered, portrayed and memorialized. We will think not only about what happened, but about how to make sense of what happened—how to grapple with a history that seems to defy understanding. Fulfills a General Education Cultural Competency (CC) requirement.

Semester Offered
Alternate years.