GEOG1050: Introduction to Geography

Credits 3
An introduction to the basic concepts, principles and themes in the discipline of geography. The course also includes an investigation into the unique characteristics of the world's twelve major geographic realms. Special emphasis will be placed on the influence of geography on social, political, environmental, and economic aspects of human development.

GEOG2100: Human Geography

Credits 3
A systematic survey of contemporary concepts and processes of human geography in global perspective. The course includes examination of spatial patterns of topics such as language, religion, culture, agriculture, population, migration, and urbanization.

GEOG3100: Globalization

Credits 3
An in-depth examination of globalization from political and geographic perspectives. The course includes study of historical eras of globalization but focuses primarily on current issues and challenges. Topics include the economics of globalization, influence of technology on culture and spread of globalization, issues of sovereignty and reactions against globalization.