Digital Media


DMDA2250: Introduction to Screenwriting

Credits 3

A survey of the process, forms, and techniques for writing screenplays for video and film production. This includes fiction and non-fiction processes for video content, short films, documentaries, and feature films. Course includes lecture, scriptwriting, exercises, labs, and analysis and critique of student work.

DMDA2260: Video Production 1

Credits 3

An introduction to the processes involved in video production and time-based media. Includes the technical and creative aspects of producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound, editing, graphics, and basic engineering for digital production. Course includes traditional lecture, lab exercises, and individual and group video projects. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA2280: Audio Production

Credits 3

A lab course involving student production of voice, music, and sound effects projects. Includes a study of microphone selection and placement, signal processing and shaping, and field and studio recording as they specifically relate to video production and post production. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA3030: Film Theory and Criticism

Credits 3

Survey of narrative and documentary motion pictures, from Edison and Lumiere to the present. Course covers the structural and aesthetic trends of motion pictures through the viewing and analysis of selected films. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA3260: Introduction to Animation

Credits 3

An introduction to the processes and products of animation and motion graphics. Experiments in stop motion and 'cell' animation lead to the integration of animation software and motion graphics. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA3290: Video Production 2

Credits 3

A lab course designed to familiarize the student with the advanced tools and techniques of cinema production, concentrating on visual effects and post-production. Includes editing theory and an introduction to industry standard third-party software packages for graphic design and image manipulation. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA3360: Advanced Animation

Credits 3

A lab course designed to familiarize the student with the advanced tools and techniques of animation, concentrating on visual narrative, development of environment/atmosphere, and post-production. Fee: Additional fee required.

DMDA4970: Digital Media Capstone Project

Credits 1
A capstone experience involving a research project and/or major media production, culminating in a public exhibition, or premiere. Required of all Digital Media majors. May be repeated for credit.