Engineering Missions Program


The Engineering Missions Program is for students desiring a professional engineering degree as well as training for Christian missions and/or compassionate service engineering work. The program may require additional semester(s) of study.


  1. Complete all requirements of the BS Engineering degree.
  2. Complete all requirements of the minor in Missions.
  3. The capstone Senior Design Project (ENGR4971 and ENGR4972) for the engineering degree must involve an approved Christian mission and/or compassionate engineering design project in conjunction with the religion department. When approved, these 4 credits will count for the PRTH3960 Field Experience in Christian Ministry, and PRTH4960 Internship in Christian Ministry course in the Missions minor.
  4. The NNU General Education Cross-Cultural Experience must be satisfied by completing an approved two week or longer field visit to build/install the capstone design project.