Cultural Anthropology


CLTA1550: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Credits 3
This course focuses on basic perspectives and concepts for understanding and productively relating to groups and individuals in other cultures. It includes an introduction to the discipline, history of the discipline and its development, and methods of cultural anthropology. Fulfills a General Education Cultural Competency (CC) requirement.

CLTA3180: Race, Class and Gender

Credits 3

A study of the contemporary diversity of society with a focus on inter-group relations (e.g., assimilation, conflict, and pluralism). Emphasis is placed on gaining an understanding of the multicultural nature of American society in comparison with other societies and on formulating a viable response. Recommended: CLTA1550. Fulfills a General Education Cultural Competency (CC) requirement.

CLTA3200: Intercultural Communication

Credits 3
A course focusing on the contexts in which intercultural communication takes place and the impact of those contexts on communication. The course also develops ethnographic skills as a tool for adapting to a cross-cultural context.