Course Numbering/Cancellation

In most departments the courses are arranged to cover a two-year cycle; some courses are offered every year, others in alternate years, thus giving a wider range of electives over a two-year period than could otherwise be offered.

Numbering System:

0090-0999 Remedial elective university credit
1000-1999 Freshman level courses
2000-2999 Sophomore level courses
3000-3999 Junior level courses
4000-4999 Senior level courses
6000-9999 Graduate level courses

Students may enroll in courses numbered one level higher than their classification:

Freshmen (27 or fewer credits)

Sophomores (28-59 credits)

Juniors (60-89 credits)

Seniors (90 or more credits)

Cancellation of Courses:

The University reserves the right to cancel any course at any time.