Bachelor of Arts

Applied Studies


This program leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Building on the strength of NNU’s general education core curriculum, with course work from an applied area, the applied studies major provides students with the content, methodology, and implications of the basic areas of human knowledge; it fosters the attitude of intellectual curiosity harnessed by moral responsibility; and finally, it encourages students to think for themselves, and to be able to participate in life as autonomous individuals.

Administrator: Director of the Center for Academic Success and Advising

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize critical thinking that exhibits academic and intellectual inquiry by understanding the means of acquiring and assessing information from multiple sources and through diverse ways of knowing. (Truth)
  2. Adapt knowledge and skills connecting critical thinking, vocation, service, and academic disciplines to evaluate real world problems. (Transformation)
  3. Become enlightened and engaged citizens who display a Christlike passion to promote justice, seek peace, and pursue tolerance in their communities. (Community and Service)
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of the relation of self to world through investigation of the influence of social, cultural, economic, and political institutions in shaping human thought, value, and behavior. (Community)
  5. Demonstrate clear and persuasive verbal and written communication skills.

Requirements:  60 credits including the following:

24 credits selected from one or two of the following areas: 

Applied Art, Business, Christian Ministry, Communication, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, Engineering, English (courses in writing or composition which may include ENGL1040 and ENGL300#W), Kinesiology, Music (education, theory and applied), Nursing or Social Work.

Sub-Total Credits

Additional Requirements:

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

In a single focus applied studies major, 12 credits of the 24 credits must be numbered above 2999. In a dual focus applied studies major, 12 credits of the 24 credits must be numbered above 2999, with at least six upper-division credits taken in EACH applied area.

Notation: If Music is selected, no more than three credits of private lessons may apply. If Kinesiology is selected, no more than three credits of Kinesiology activities or activity labs may apply.

Total Credits