Aldersgate Honors College

The Aldersgate Honors College aims to form a community that carries out the University's mission in an especially intentional way. Aldersgate seeks to offer an education that transforms students' mins in the richest sense: not just their intellect but their moral imagination, so that they reason, imagine, act, and create as people oriented to the true, the good, and the beautiful. This is an education centered in Jesus Christ, insofar as it attends to all that reflects His truth, beauty, and goodness in human culture from the ancient to the modern world. This is why we will study the foundational texts of the Christian tradition: to learn from those who have already begun the work of redeeming our culture from all that distorts and diminishes us, of making it truer, better, more beautiful and therefore more Christ-like. For what are the thinkers, poets, and artists of the past if not God's creative and redemptive agents in the world?

An Aldersgate education will transform students' minds, intellectually and imaginatively, as they seek truth in the knowledge, wisdom, and beauty of the foundational texts and art of human culture and the Christian tradition. They will do so in the intentional learning community of their cohort, which will stay together for six to eight semesters. This common, formative experience will prepare them to serve as people whose vision of the world is informed and inspired by those who have changed it.

Students admitted into the Aldersgate Honors College may opt to focus on 18-credit humanities minor or 30-credit humanities co-major.

For more information, contact the Director of the Aldersgate Honors College, Dr. Matt Millsap at