Academic Petition Policy

A student who wishes to be granted an exception to a general academic policy may file a Special Academic Petition with the University Registrar. The Special Academic Petition is to be used for policies relative to (a) registration deadlines; (b) eligibility for upper-division credit; (c) academic load; (d) transfer credit; (e) university honors; (f) general education requirements; or (g) any other general academic policy.

Action of the University Registrar: The University Registrar will either grant or deny the petition and will notify the student in writing no later than seven days after receiving the completed Special Academic Petition.

If a student is dissatisfied with the action of the University Registrar, the student may appeal the decision in accordance with the Academic Appeals Policy. The First Appeal to Department Chair or Program Director must be filed within twenty-one days of the action of the University Registrar.