Support Services

Counseling Center
Personal counseling is provided for students seeking understanding, support, and growth. Some of the areas addressed are student life, relationships, family concerns, personal issues (i.e., depression, abuse, addiction, etc.), premarital and marital counseling, and other issues of concern. NNU provides the Counseling Center as a free service and encourages its use.

The University offers a variety of opportunities, including:

  1. Individual and couple counseling provided by licensed professional counselors, and/or supervised interns.
  2. Co-curricular seminars covering issues such as safety, relationships, boundaries, suicide prevention and other pertinent issues.
  3. Referral sources within the local community through the Counseling Center. These include special needs, emergency hospitalization, psychiatric care, or medication management. Financial responsibility for such off-campus referrals must be taken by the student and his or her parents.
  4. Pastoral counseling provided by the University Chaplains to assist students in exploring spiritual areas of their lives.
  5. Group Counseling. A variety of groups are led by trained counselors to help students deal with specific issues such as addictive behaviors, anxiety, and depression. Through these groups, students can find peer support and learn new skills.
  6. Peer Mentors. These are students who receive training in active listening skills, referrals, and confidentiality to provide a resource to other students in helping them make the transition to a more fulfilling university life.

International Student Services and Programs
The office provides ongoing support to international students in the academic, spiritual, and social aspects of their lives. We seek to promote awareness, cooperative efforts, and understanding about the various aspects of ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity.

Career Center
The Career Center provides information and assistance to students who wish to assess career goals and investigate career opportunities. The Career Center helps students craft effective resumes, practice interviewing techniques, establish networking contacts with alumni and throughout the Northwest region, and identify internships and part/full-time or summer employment, including on-campus student employment opportunities. In addition, the Career Center sponsors a number of career-related events during the academic year. A few highlights include an Etiquette Dinner and Style Show, a Spring Career Fair, Resume Workshops and Alumni/Student Networking Events.  For more information on these resources and events, please visit the Career Center website: