Spiritual Life

The Office of University Mission and Ministry gives direction to the spiritual life programs of the campus as one strategic component of its responsibilities. The University Chaplains are available to all students, faculty, and staff for issues related to spiritual development and pastoral counseling.

NNU is committed to developing a climate in which the spiritual lives of each member of the community can flourish. One's faith cannot be bought, sold, or inherited. It is the product of one's own relationship with God. Spiritual growth is maximized when faith is expressed through relationships and ministries.

As members of the Northwest Nazarene University community, students are stretched in their understanding of: (1) Christian commitment, (2) Christian ministry, and (3) Christian vocation. Faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue their own spiritual development and to be equipped and available to assist students in their walk with Christ.

Student Ministries

A wide variety of programs provide opportunities for guidance, encouragement, and instruction for a growing faith in Jesus Christ. Included in these programs are discipleship opportunities, covenant and accountability groups, international and domestic mission trips, and community service opportunities.

Chapel Services, Convocations and Campus Ministries: Why is "chapel" a required part of the NNU experience?

There are some things we all need to learn. The life of the mind and life of the heart come together as we gather for chapel.

There are some things we all need to hear. There are voices of challenge and hope, and cries of desperate need that you may not hear anywhere else.

There are some things we all need to do. No one seeks the kingdom of God alone. We worship together, we pray together and we make a difference together.

Why do we have chapel at Northwest Nazarene University? Because there are some things we all need.

Specific chapel and convocation attendance policies are addressed in the chapel/convocation policy section of the Student Handbook.
Each Wednesday the entire campus gathers for a weekly Community Chapel. These services form the core of community life at NNU, and include a blend of Christian music, updates on campus news, an opportunity for a member of the staff, faculty, or student body to testify publicly to God's ongoing work in their lives, and a message from one of the University Chaplains. 

Chapels and convocations on Mondays and Fridays include a variety of speakers and programs designed more specifically for the student community.

Sunday Worship: All students are encouraged to become involved in a local church of their choice.

Lecture Series: Several special lecture series have been established across the years to enhance the chapel/convocation programming. A brief description of the major lecture series follows:

The E. E. Wordsworth Holiness Lecture Series has been endowed by the Wordsworth family to honor Rev. E. E. Wordsworth for his years of service to the Church. The purpose of the series is to emphasize the Wesleyan doctrine of perfect love.

The Mangum Missionary Lecture Series was established by the family to honor Dr. T. E. Mangum, Sr., for his dedication to medicine and missions. A missionary-in-residence is scheduled to make the college community aware of the needs of the world.