Study Skills Course Description(s)

STSK1210 University Success (1)

Students will learn several useful strategies for maximizing self-awareness, establishing goals, developing interdependence, identifying learning styles, managing time, taking notes, reading a textbook, and taking tests while developing self-management and self-motivation. Grade of C- or higher must be earned to satisfy provisional admittance requirement.

STSK1320 Computer Applications- Introduction to Word (1)

A self-study course of word processing concepts. This course will be graded pass/fail.

STSK1330 Computer Applications- Introduction to Excel (1)

A self-study course of spreadsheet concepts. This course will be graded pass/fail.

STSK1350 Computer Applications- Introduction to Power Point (1)

A self-study course of electronic presentation concepts. This course will be graded pass/fail.

STSK1510 Mathematics Strategies (1)

An individualized study of mathematics emphasizing re-entry, review, or development of mathematics competency in new areas. May be repeated a maximum of six times for credit.

STSK1590 Academic Coaching for Effectiveness (1)

Through academic coaching, students will connect deeper to their own development of self-knowledge and learning in order to improve their effectiveness in school and in a career creating significant outcomes for their lives.

STSK1610 English Strategies (1)

An individualized study of English writing conventions necessary to develop effective prose writing.

STSK1710 Personal Finance for College Students (1)

A self-study course to guide college students toward good financial stewardship. This course will be graded pass/fail.

STSK1810 Major and Career Exploration: A Strengths-Based Approach (2)

This course is designed to assist students in their major and career exploration process. Activities and course assignments are interactive and reflective in nature, and include self and career exploration, in-class and outside of class activities, usage of career assessment resources, exploration of academic majors and career options.

STSK3220 Writing Consulting (0-1)

This class is required of all writing consultants in the Center for Academic Success and Advising. It is a semester long, one credit course that covers the basics of composition theory and writing mentorship. It is designed to support writing center consultants as they engage in peer-tutoring capacities. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval