Sociology Course Description(s)

SOGY1500 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)

This course is an overview of the criminal justice system in the United States and covers four major content areas: the nature of crime and laws; policing and law enforcement; courts and adjudication; and corrections. (See CRIM1500.)

SOGY1550 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)

An introduction to the sociological perspective and the basic theories and procedures for studying society, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental nature of social relationships, structures, and processes. (See CLTA1550.)

SOGY2250 Issues of Developing Nations I (3)

A course designed to guide students in the study of under or lesser developed nations. Recognizing the issues are complex, the course covers the interrelatedness of political, cultural, and economic development as well as the influences of religion, conflicts, and special populations. The course is interdisciplinary in nature. (See: CLTA2250) Offered: Alternate years.

SOGY2430 Social Problems in Modern Society (2)

An examination of the origin, development, and attempted solutions of some of the major problems confronting contemporary society. Sociological and Christian perspectives are utilized in analyzing and responding to problems of focus. Offered: Alternate years.

SOGY3180 Race, Class and Gender (3)

A study of the contemporary diversity of society with a focus on inter-group relations (e.g., assimilation, conflict, and pluralism). Emphasis is placed on gaining an understanding of the multicultural nature of American society in comparison with other societies and on formulating a viable response. Recommended: SOGY1550 or SOGY2430. Offered: Alternate years. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with SOGY3180CC Intercultural Lab 2. (See CLTA3180) Prerequisites: Junior Standing, or instructor's approval

SOGY3200 Juvenile Justice (3)

A study of the forms, causes, and consequences of juvenile delinquency. Intervention for offenders, preventive measures, and the legal and treatment system for dealing with juveniles will also be studied. The course is designed to expose students to textual/theoretical material as well as to knowledgeable professionals from agencies in the community. (See CRIM3200.)

SOGY3250 Issues of Developing Nations II (3)

A course designed to allow students an advanced study of under or lesser developed nations. Students will study the interrelated issues of political, cultural and economic development as well as the influence of religion, conflicts and special populations. Students will select a discipline in which she or he will complete an in-depth study. (See: CLTA3250) Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: CLTA1550, or ECON1050 or POLS1050.

SOGY3340 Sociology of the Family (3)

A study of the nature and diversity of marriage and family relationships, and of perspectives for investigating and understanding the social issues and forces impacting them with the aim of clarifying standards and objectives. Offered: Alternate years.

SOGY3550 Sociology of Religion (3)

An examination of the changing role and function of religion for the individual and in society, with emphasis on understanding and responding to the forces conditioning the nature of this relationship. Recommended: SOGY2030, or SOGY2430. (See: CLTA3550) Offered: Alternate years.

SOGY3970. Junior Research in Sociology (1)

The student will begin the process of developing independent research. This may be in cooperation with a professor or senior research student. May be repeated for a maximum of 2 credits.

SOGY4010 Capstone (1)

This course provides students with a context for reflection and self-analysis regarding their educational experience at NNU. The approach in this course to self-analysis and critical reflection is two-fold: 1) students will reflect on their comprehensive educational experience through the lens of the four university outcomes, and 2) students will think about and discuss the integration of their learning with their future, post-university lives. (See CLST4010, CRIM4010, HUMN4010, PSYC4010, SPAN4010)

SOGY4550 Social Psychology (3)

A study of the interrelationships of individuals and their social environments, including the methods of investigation and some of the theories and findings of the field of social psychology. (See PSYC4512). Prerequisites: 3 credits in sociology or 3 credits in psychology.

SOGY4720 Group Theory and Processes (3)

A study of historical and contemporary settings of groups and theoretical foundations of group work, with experience activities involving group dynamics. (See PSYC4720). Offered: Alternate years Prerequisites: PSYC3750 or SOWK3550 Corequisites: SOGY4720L

SOGY4720L Group Theory and Processes Laboratory (1)

The student will participate as a member of a "training the trainer" group experience. (See PSYC4720L). Offered: Alternate years. Corequisites: SOGY4720

SOGY4970 Senior Research in Sociology (1-4)

The student will develop and complete an empirical research project and a written report suitable for submission to a professional journal or the student will assist a faculty member in independent professional research. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval