Course Description(s)

CHEM2210 General Chemistry I (3)

An in-depth survey of the principles underlying chemistry including atomic structure, periodic table and laws, bonding, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, states of matter, pH, nuclear and industrial chemistry. Previous chemistry is recommended. Prerequisites: ACT Math score of 21 or higher, or SAT Math score of 570 or higher, or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of 74 or higher, or instructor's approval Corequisites: CHEM2210L

CHEM2210L General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)

An application and exploration of the principles and techniques described in CHEM2210, including physical properties, stoichiometry, gas laws and thermochemistry. An emphasis is placed on basic laboratory techniques and sensor-based data acquisition. Fees: Additional fee required. Corequisites: CHEM2210