Course Description(s)

BIOL3250 Tropical Ecology (3)

A study of the major themes and principles of ecology applied within the framework of the Neotropics. Emphasis will be placed on the autecology and natural history of select species (both vertebrate and invertebrate), and the ecological interactions at the population, community and ecosystem levels. Students will gain an understanding of select tropical biomes and representative ecological interactions from each biome. A Christian perspective will be used to explore the human dimensions of tropical ecology and the appropriate ethic for conservation. Prerequisites: BIOL2240, or instructor's approval

BIOL3250L Tropical Ecology Laboratory (1)

A study of selected topics of Neotropical ecology conducted in a field setting while visiting various tropical biomes. This laboratory course requires international travel and consequently a current passport. The course fee will cover travel costs including airfare, in-country transport, food, lodging and necessary field supplies. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: BIOL2240, or instructor's approval Corequisites: BIOL3250