All first-time traditional freshmen at NNU are automatically considered for all scholarships that they may be eligible to receive by completing the NNU Application for Admission and Financial Aid and submitting other necessary application materials such as final high school transcripts or official college transcripts.

Tuition Scholarships

Academic Scholarship Students who display excellence in academic achievement are given this award. The award is determined based upon cumulative GPA and highest ACT or SAT score (both GPA and a test score are required to receive this award). Academic Scholarships are renewed each year as long as the student is maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA. The Academic Scholarship must be applied to tuition costs.

Christian Education Partner Scholarship Students who attended a mission partner Christian high school and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible for this scholarship. Students are awarded an NNU annual scholarship of $4,000 for up to four years dependent on the number of years the student attended the high school. One year of attendance at the high school equals one year of NNU Mission Partner Scholarship.

Professional Allowance: Students eligible for this discount include full-time, unmarried traditional undergraduate dependent students, whose parent or guardian's primary income is based on being a Nazarene or non-Nazarene missionary, senior pastor, chaplain, pastoral staff, District Superintendent, or Assistant District Superintendent. Also eligible are dependent students whose parents are missionaries or staff of Mission Aviation Fellowship. Dependency status is defined in the same manner as the FAFSA definition when being considered for this award.

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC): Students attending NNU are eligible to apply for Army ROTC two-, three-, and four-year scholarships. These pay for tuition, fees, and room charges (meal plan not included) for each year that the scholarship is received. Students who do not receive the Army ROTC scholarship, but are participating in ROTC classes and who are approved by the ROTC adviser, will be given a $4,090 room stipend.

Ministry: Freshmen students who are Nazarene and majoring in ministry are given a ministry scholarship. Renewal of this is determined by the faculty of the School of Theology and Christian Ministries.

Miscellaneous Scholarships: Miscellaneous Scholarships are also awarded for athletics, music, forensics, and engineering based on student achievement.

Nazarene and CCCU Tuition Remission: Dependents of full-time faculty and first-line administrators at U.S. and Canadian Nazarene colleges/universities or Nazarene Theological Seminary and Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) schools can apply for up to a full tuition allowance.  The number of allowances given is limited. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for details. The requirements as described by the General Church Department of Education, CCCU or NNU are in force for this allowance. Applicants must provide a signed Tuition Remission Recommendation Form from the institution where the parent is employed. Dependency status is defined in the same manner as the IRS/tax definition when being considered for this award.

Grad-Back Tuition: Students taking traditional undergraduate courses who have completed a baccalaureate degree at NNU receive a 50% reduction in the per credit cost of tuition.

Senior Citizens: Students who are sixty years of age and older may enroll for non-credit courses at no charge. Those who take course work for credit will be charged $350 per credit, plus all applicable student and course fees.

NNU Matching Scholarships

NNU offers matches to some awards for eligible students who fit specific criteria as detailed below:

Trustee Matching Church Scholarship: A full-time student whose local church awards funds for his or her use in paying University costs will be eligible to receive matching funds. The match is based on the first $350 received from the church during the academic year. This applies to Nazarene and non-Nazarene churches. NNU will match a church award for two semesters each school year, until work is completed on the first bachelor's degree for a traditional full-time undergraduate student. Students below a 2.0 cumulative GPA are not eligible for a full match and will only be matched on a one-to-one basis. For on-region Nazarene churches who have paid their education budget in full, a 7:1 match will be awarded. On-region Nazarene churches who have partially paid their education budgets will receive a 6:1 or 5:1 match. Students sponsored by an on-region Nazarene church who has not paid their education budget, off-region Nazarene churches, and some Treasure Valley non-Nazarene churches have been approved to receive a 4:1 match. Please check with Financial Aid to see if your church qualifies. Non-Nazarene church awards will be matched at a 1:1 ratio.

NYI Awards: NYI and Regional Main Event scholarships are awards given to students in recognition of excellence in various areas of talent as well as quizzing competitions within the district (NYI) or region (Main Event) each year. NYI awards can be won at a local or national (Q or NYC) level.

The student should present a copy of each award to the NNU Office of Financial Aid so that the scholarship(s) can be included as part of the students overall financial aid offer. Students must be accepted for admission and be full-time undergraduate, degree seeking, currently enrolled students at NNU in order to receive these awards. Any other conditions for use appear on the certificate.

The NYI and NYC/Q scholarships contain specific directions for the student to follow in order to request that the NYI portion of the funds be sent to NNU. This usually requires a written request from the student to someone within the NYI organization. Once these funds are received, NNU will match these scholarships on a 1:1 basis. Regional Main Event scholarships are awarded at face value.

Scholarship Requirements and Restrictions

All scholarship recipients are to be enrolled full-time, have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (or higher, if so indicated by the scholarship criteria), and meet any other eligibility requirements detailed in the criteria of the scholarship. Institutional aid can be prorated for seniors in their final semester of coursework who are taking more than 6 credits but are not full-time. Academic scholarships require a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Scholarships based on per credit cost for post-baccalaureate and senior citizens are not subject to these requirements.

The University reserves the right to cancel or alter these scholarships in the case of misconduct or in the case of any conduct which, in the judgment of the University, makes it necessary.