First-Year Students

If you are a graduating high school or home school student, even if you have earned college credit while in high school, then you will complete the First Year or Freshmen application.  This is also true if you've received a GED in lieu of a high school diploma and have not enrolled at any other college or university.

  1.  Applications can be submitted through The Common Application or at  
  2. NNU admissions require a writing sample before making an admission decision.  The essay on The Common Application or the one found in the NNU candidate portal is acceptable. 
  3.  Arrange for a current high school transcript to be sent to NNU Undergraduate Admission.  You must also request that an official final transcript be forwarded to NNU no later than August 15th.  If you've completed the GED in lieu of high school, submit the results of that test.
  4. All first-year student applicants are required to take either the ACT (NNU Code 0924), SAT (NNU Code 4454) or Classic Learning Test (CLT) before they can be granted admission to NNU. The optional writing test on either the ACT or the SAT is not required. The test may be taken more than once and students may apply for admission before taking the tests.

Admission As A Home-Schooled Student

Northwest Nazarene University welcomes applications from students who have been home-schooled. Home-schooled students seeking admission should submit an application and supporting documents as stated for first year students. 
  1. If the home-schooled student has taken any courses through a high school, correspondence school, college or other educational organization, then the school or organization should provide NNU with an official transcript.
  2. If the home-schooled student's education is based upon a parent and student designed curriculum, then the parent, as the primary instructor, should provide the University with the official high school transcript.
  3. Home-schooled students who have earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate should submit the GED certificate.