Grading System

The academic work of the student is graded in accordance with the following system. Grade points per credit and an explanation of the grading system are also listed.

Grade Explanation Points
A Distinctly superior or exceptional work 4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.33
B Meritorious work 3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.33
C Adequate work 2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.33
D Less than satisfactory work but passing 1.0
F Failing work 0.0

A grade of F indicates failure and necessitates a satisfactory repetition of the course before credit can be allowed. In approved classes, a grade of P may be assigned. A grade of I or X indicates incomplete work. An incomplete may be given when, because of extreme circumstances, a student requires an extension of time to complete course work. An I may be granted only by petition, which the student may initiate through the professor or the professor may initiate on a student's behalf. The request must be approved by the registrar. When an I or X is submitted, it will always have a suffix grade attached which the student will receive if no further work is done for the course, e.g. ID or XF. If the incomplete is not made up by the close of the semester following the one in which the mark was incurred, the prefix I or X will be dropped from the grade unless an additional request is made to have the period of the incomplete extended. An instructor may request that the student make up the deficiencies before the end of the semester. On a pass/fail grade, an "IP" may not be assigned. The only incomplete grade that can be assigned to a pass/fail course is "IF".

Grade Explanation
P Passing work
I Incomplete work ("I" must be followed by a letter grade)
IP In progress
L Long semester
X No final examination ("X" must be followed by a letter grade)
W Withdrawal
LC Lab credit
CR Credit
NC Non-credit
AU Audit

A grade of L may be given only in courses which require more than one semester to complete. The L grade will be replaced by either a P grade or a point-receiving grade upon course completion. An L grade will not normally extend beyond one calendar year unless an additional request is made and granted through the Registrar's Office to have the period of time extended. If one calendar year elapses and no extension is filed, the L grade will revert to a grade based on a student's current standing in the course as designated by the professor.

A grade of W is always recorded when a student has withdrawn according to prescribed procedures. Ordinarily, no withdrawals will be granted after the Friday of the eighth week of the semester.

No credit is awarded for a course receiving a grade of W. The W, S, I, L, and X are neutral grades and no quality points are given for them. The grade point average of a student is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned in any semester by the total number of credits in his or her academic load, excluding neutral course units.