Advanced Placement Credit

A maximum of eight (8) semester credits per course will be awarded for high school one year Advanced Placement courses.

Credit for AP exams is accepted (granted) as transfer credits from the Educational Testing Service. Original documentation from ETS is required and the credits are evaluated according to NNU standards.

College credit will be granted on the basis of scores 3, 4, or 5 made on the Advanced Placement Examination of the College Entrance Board. The number of credits granted will be determined by the NNU Registrar.

Credit will be granted as follows:

Test Name NNU Equivalent Credit
History of Art ARDE2020 Survey of Visual Art
Art Literature elective
Music Learning and Literature MUSC2020 Survey of Performing Arts
Music Literature elective
Music Theory MUSC1200 Music Theory I
MUSC1220 Music Theory II
Biology BIOL2220 General Biology I and lab (with a score of 3)
BIOL2220 and BIOL2230 and labs (with a score of 4 or 5)
*Chemistry CHEM2210 General Chemistry I and lab 4
*Calculus AB MATH2510 Calculus 1 4
*Calculus BC MATH2510 Calculus 1 4
Computer Science Principles COMP1220 Introduction to Computer Science 3
*Computer Science A COMP2220 Computer Programming I and lab 4
Environmental Science BIOL1040 Environmental Science and lab 4
*Physics 1 PHYS1110 College Physics I and lab 4
*Physics 2 PHYS1120 College Physics II and lab 4
*Physics C: Mechanics PHYS2110 Physics for Science & Engineering I and lab 4
*Physics C: Electricity & Mag PHYS2120 Physics for Science & Engineering II and lab 4
**English Lang./Comp. English elective credit 6
**English Lit./Comp. English elective credit
Literature elective
Microeconomics & Macroeconomics ECON2010 Principles of Economics 3
US Government and PS POLS1010 American National Politics
Political Science elective
U. S. History HIST2030 Conflict and Consensus: Am Hist to 1877
U. S. History elective
World History Two World History electives 6
French Language FREN1010 Elementary French 6
French Literature FREN1010 Elementary French 6
German Language One Language elective 6
Latin One Language elective 6
Psychology PSYC1550 Introduction to Psychology 3
Spanish Language SPAN1010 Elementary Spanish 6
Spanish Literature SPAN1010 Elementary Spanish 6
Statistics MATH2240 Elementary Statistics 3

*Must have a score of 4 or 5 to receive credit.

**Students with a score of 3 or higher on the English Language/Comp or the English Literature/Comp AP test will be placed in ENGL1030. These students will have the option to take an NNU English Writing Evaluation. A superior score on the NNU English Writing Evaluation will waive the ENGL1030 general education requirement.