Minor, Cultural Anthropology

The minor in Cultural Anthropology provides students in other areas the opportunity to enhance their understanding of cultural and sociological concepts and deepen their appreciation of diverse cultural expressions.  

Administrator:  Chair, Department of Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Requirements:  18 credits of which 9 shall be numbered above 2999.

Must include:
CLTA1550. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
CLTA2030. Intercultural Communication (3)
       or COMM4200. Intercultural Communication (3)
CLTA2040. Ethnography: Exploring Cultural Scenes (3)

Must include 9 credits from the following selection:
BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies (3)
CLTA3250. Issues of Developing Nations II (3)
CLTA3180. Race, Class and Gender (3)
CLTA3340. Sociology of the Family (3)
CLTA3550. Sociology of Religion
CLTA4720. History of Anthropological Theory (3)
COMM4200. Intercultural Communication (3)
ENGL4270W. Minority Voices in American Literature (3)
HIST3500. The Dragon and the Rising Sun (3)
HIST3490. Modern Africa (3)
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3)
THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3)
Or other courses with approval by the department chair.