Bachelor of Science, Physics

Administrator: Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering

Requirements: 61 credits
PHYS2110. Physics for Science and Engineering I (3); and,
PHYS2110L. Physics for Science and Engineering I Laboratory (1)
PHYS2120. Physics for Science and Engineering II (3); and,
PHYS2120L. Physics for Science and Engineering II Laboratory (1)
PHYS3130. Modern Physics (3); and,
PHYS3130L. Modern Physics Laboratory (1)
PHYS3410. Analytic Mechanics (3)
PHYS4610. Electricity and Magnetism (3)
PHYS4720. Solid State Physics (3)
PHYS4810. Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (3)
*PHYS4970. Research (1)
**PHYS4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)
ENGR2310. Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory I (1)
ENGR2320. Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory II (1)
ENGR 4400. Experiment Design (3)
ENGR 4400L. Experiment Design Laboratory (1)
CHEM2230. General Chemistry for Engineering Students (3)
CHEM2230L. General Chemistry for Engineering Students Laboratory (1)
CHEM3510. Thermodynamics and Kinetics (3)
MATH2510. Calculus I (4)
MATH2520. Calculus II (4)
MATH3245. Probability and Statistics for Science and Engineering (3)
MATH3530. Calculus III (4)
MATH3540. Differential Equations (4)
MATH3560. Numerical Analysis (3)

*A minimum of one credit is required, but a maximum of three credits in PHYS4970 will be allowed toward the major.
**PHYS4980 must be taken at Northwest Nazarene University.

In addition students must take the Physics Major Field Examination in their last semester before graduation.