Minor, Pastoral Ministry

Administrator: Jay Akkerman

This minor with the Christian Ministry major fulfills the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

Requirements:17-23 credits

PRTH4820. Pastoral Leadership (3)
THEO3590. Theology of the Church (3)

4000 level course (2) in (BIBL) biblical literature in addition to all biblical literature courses required for general education and the student's major

Choose one of the following:

PHIL3410. Philosophy and Literature of Existentialism (3)
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3)
THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3)

Choose one of the following:
CHED3840. Family Ministry (2)
PRTH3750. Compassionate Ministries (2)

Required of Christian Ministry and Biblical Studies Majors:
PRTH3960. Field Experience in Christian Ministry (1)
PRTH4960. Internship in Christian Ministry (3)

Required of all but Christian Ministry Majors:
PRTH1710. Exploring Vocation and Call (1)
PRTH3210. Spiritual Formation (2)
PRTH3710. Preaching (3)