Minor, Missions

Administrator:  Richard Thompson

This minor with the Christian Ministry major fulfills the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

Requirements: 18-21 credits

CLTA1550. Cultural Anthropology (3) or
   CLTA2030.  Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM2030. Interpersonal Communication (3)
PRTH2600. Foundations for Cross-Cultural Ministry (1)
PRTH3400. Cross-Cultural Communication of the Gospel (2)
PRTH3750. Compassionate Ministries (2)
PRTH3960. Field Experience in Christian Ministry (1)
PRTH4960. Internship in Christian Ministry (3)
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3); or
     THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3)

Required of all but Christian Ministry Majors:
PRTH2400. Introduction to Christian Missions (3)

CLTA2250. Issues of Developing Nations I (3)
COMM3020. Organizational Communication (3)
PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)

Six (6) hours of a modern foreign language (for Christian Ministry majors this is in addition to GREK2110 or HEBR2110)