Minor, Christian Ministry

Administrator: Rhonda Carrim

This minor cannot be taken with the Christian Ministry major. However, combined with this minor the Intercultural Ministry (Missions) and Youth Ministries majors fulfill the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

Requirements: 17-21 credits

CHIS3410. History and Manual, Church of the Nazarene (2)
CHIS3610. History of the Christian Tradition I (3)
PHIL3010. History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3); or
  PHIL4520. Philosophy of Religion (3)
PRTH3220. Worship Theory and Development (2)
PRTH3710. Preaching (3)
PRTH3960. Field Experience in Christian Ministry (1)
THEO3590. Theology of the Church (3)

Required of Intercultural Ministry (Missions) and Youth Ministry Majors:
Choose one of the following, one from each testament (not the same course as taken for the major):
  BIBL4250. Parables of Jesus (2)
  BIBL4310. Luke and Acts (2)
  BIBL4330. Pauline Epistles (2)
  BIBL4410. History of Ancient Israel (2)
  BIBL4420. Hebrew Prophets (2)

Required of Biblical Studies Majors:
PRTH4960. Internship in Christian Ministry (3)