Co-Major, Social Justice

Requirements: 32-35 credits, completion of a major or second co-major from a different discipline
Core Courses:
BIBL4420. Hebrew Prophets (2) or
     BIBL4310. Luke and Acts (2)
CHIS3620. History of Christian Tradition II (3)
CLTA2250. Issues of Developing Nations I (3) or
     CLTA3250. Issues of Developing Nations II (3)
ECON1050. Analysis of Economic Issues (3)
POLS1030. The Foundations of Politics: The Quest for Peace and Justice (3)
SOWK1720. Social Justice and Modern Society (3) 
THEO3700. Social Justice in the Christian Tradition (3)
Choose 1 of the following 4 courses:
    PRTH3750.  Compassionate Ministries (2) 
    SOWK3250. Substance Abuse, Prevention, and Intervention (3)
    SOWK3350. Child Welfare Services (3)
    SOWK3450. Social Work in Health Care (3)
Choose 1 of the following 3 courses: 
    PHIL4210. Contemporary Philosophy (3)
    POLS3520. Theories of Politics (3)
    HIST3250. History of American Culture (3)
Choose 1 of the following 4 courses:
    PSYC4112. Human Diversity (3)
    SOGY2430. Social Problems in Modern Society (2) 
    SOGY3180. Race, Class and Gender (3) 
    SOWK2851. Human Behavior in the Social Environment II: Issues of Diversity (3)
Choose 2 of the following 4 courses:
    THEO3590. Theology of the Church (3)
    THEO4240. Theology of Holiness (2) or
         THEO3540. Christian Holiness (3)
    THEO4530. Christian Theology I (3) 
    THEO4540. Christian Theology II (3) 

Suggested General Education Courses: 
CLTA1550. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)