Co-Major, Missions

Requirements: 32-34 credits, completion of a major or second co-major from a different discipline
Core Courses: 
BIBL4410. History of Ancient Israel (2) or
     BIBL4420. Hebrew Prophets (2)
BIBL4250. Parables of Jesus (2) or
     BIBL4310. Luke and Acts (2) or
     BIBL4330. Pauline Epistles (2)
CHIS3610. History of the Christian Tradition I (3) or
     CHIS3620. History of the Christian Tradition II (3) 
PRTH1710. Exploring Vocation and Call (1) 
PRTH2400. Introduction to Christian Missions (3) 
PRTH2600. Foundations for Cross-Cultural Ministry (1)
PRTH3710. Preaching (3)
PRTH4960. Internship in Cross-Cultural Ministry (3)
PRTH4710. Missional Growth and Health (2)
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3) or
     THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3) 
Choose 2 of the following courses:
     CLTA1550. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3) or
          CLTA2040. Ethnography: Exploring Cultural Scenes (3)
     PRTH3210. Spiritual Formation (2) 
     PRTH3750. Compassionate Ministries (2) 
Choose 2 of the following courses:
     THEO3590. Theology of the Church (3)
     THEO4240. Theology of Holiness (2) or
          THEO3540. Christian Holiness (3)
     THEO4530. Christian Theology I (3) 
     THEO4540. Christian Theology II (3) 
Ministerial Standing (Senior year)
Suggested General Education Courses: 
CLTA2250. Issues of Developing Nations (3)
COMM1210. Introduction to Public Speaking (3) 
COMM2030. Interpersonal Communication (3)
ECON3010.   Personal Finance/Stewardship (3)
ENGL2420/2430/3420/4270. Literature options  (3)
HIST1040. The World and the West II (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)
PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)