Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

Objective: This major is for students who want to be seriously involved in philosophic study either as a primary discipline or as foundational work for related studies. Graduates will be prepared for, and able to pursue, graduate work in philosophy, ethics, religion, law, and related fields.

Administrator: Joseph Bankard

Graduates of the Philosophy major will demonstrate the following core outcomes:


  1. Students will identify and define important vocabulary within the history of Western philosophy.
  2. Students will identify and explain the major figures, movements, and philosophical theories within the history of Western philosophy.
  3. Students will describe the developmental history of Western philosophy.
  4. Students will explain the significant themes, issues, and figures associated with the major philosophical sub-disciplines (e.g. epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, etc.).
  5. Students will identify and apply the salient features of formal and informal logic.


  1. Students will reproduce significant philosophical arguments from various disciplines (e.g. medical ethics, scientific inquiry, politics, or theology).
  2. Students will integrate moral principles, informed by Christian values, into contemporary social, political, and theological issues.
  3. Students will demonstrate an ability to write clearly and cogently.
  4. Students will construct and defend sophisticated philosophical arguments, both orally and in writing.
  5. Students will critically evaluate arguments using principles of sound reasoning from both formal and informal logic.


  1. Students will learn to pursue truth diligently.
  2. Students will develop a love of learning that crosses many academic disciplines.
  3. Students will internalize ethics so as to demonstrate Christian character.
  4. Students will develop the virtues of humility and open-minded inquiry that lead to wisdom.
  5. Students will develop a deep appreciation for the value of critical thinking.


Requirements: 30 credits of which 24 shall be numbered above 2999
PHIL2010. Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)
PHIL3010. History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (3)
PHIL3020. History of Modern Philosophy (3)
PHIL3080. Critical Reasoning (3)
PHIL4210. Contemporary Philosophy (3)
PHIL4980. Seminar in Philosophy (3)
Elective upper-division philosophy credits (9)

Completion of the intermediate level of a foreign language.