Minor, Music Industry

Requirements: 24 credits
MUSC0900. Fundamentals of Music (2)
MUSC1310. Digital Music and Technology (3)
MUSC3650. Studio and Live Sound (3)
MUSC4980. Seminar in Music Business Management (3)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3) or
   COMM2420. Introduction to Public Relations (3) or
   COMM3210. Advanced Public Speaking (3)
BSNS3510. Principles of Marketing (3) or
   BSNS3880. Digital and Social Media Marketing (3)

No less than three credits of applied music and/or ensemble credit (additional fee required for applied music) (3)

Four credits of the following two classes - 3 credits of one with 1 credit of the other:
MUSC2950. Field Experience in Music Management (1) 

MUSC2960. Field Experience in Audio Production(1)

Half recital or Music Industry project during the senior year.