Bachelor of Arts, Worship Arts

Shared by Department of Music and Department of Philosophy and Religion

Administrators: Chair, Department of Music; Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion

This major is designed for students interested in various forms of worship ministries.  The major does not fulfill educational requirements for ordination in the Nazarene church. However, students can fulfill ordination requirements by also completing the Christian Ministry minor. 

General Education Foundational Courses (24 credits):
BIBL1100. Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)
BIBL3220. Psalms (3)
COMM1210. Introduction to Public Speaking (3)
ENGL1030. University Writing/Research (3)
HUMN1010. Cornerstone (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)
PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)
THEO2100. Introduction to Christian Theology (3)

Major Courses (54 credits):
BiBL4310. Luke and Acts (2); or
     BIBL4330, Pauline Epistles (2)
CHED1810. Christian Discipleship (3)
CHED2220. Instructional Bible Study (2)
CHIS3620. History of the Christian Tradition II (3)
MUSC0900. Fundamentals of Music (2)
MUSC1200. Beginning Music Theory I (2)
MUSC1210. Beginning Music Theory I Lab (1)
MUSC1220. Beginning Music Theory II (3)
MUSC1230. Beginning Music Theory II Lab (1)
MUSC1310. Digital Music and Technology (3)
MUSC2096. Field Experience in Worship Arts (1)
MUSC2110. Introduction to Worship Arts and Leadership (3)
MUSC3200. Practicum in Worship Planning and Leadership (3)
MUSC3210. Orchestration (3)
MUSC3600. Basic Conducting (2)
PRTH1710. Exploring Vocation and Call (1)
PRTH3210. Spiritual Formation (2)
PRTH3220. Worship Theory and Development (2)
PRTH4820. Pastoral Leadership (3)
PRTH4960. Internship in Christian Ministry (3)
THEO3590. Theology of the Church (3)
THEO4530. Christian Theology I (3)
THEO4540. Christian Theology II (3)
Ministerial Standing (Senior Year)