Minor, Mathematics

Objective: This program will give a student a background in the field of mathematics with one of two options.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Requirements: A minimum of 21 credits, including at least 13 upper division credits. Every student must complete the following three courses along with Option A or Option B.
MATH2510. Calculus I (4)
MATH2520. Calculus II (4)
MATH3320. Linear Algebra (3)

Option A

MATH3310. Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (3)
MATH3240. Probability and Statistics I (3); or,
    MATH3560. Numerical Analysis (3)
MATH4320. Modern Algebra (4); or,
    MATH4510. Introduction to Real Analysis (4)

Option B

Three of the following courses:
MATH3280. Modeling and Operations Research (3)
MATH3530. Calculus III (4)
MATH3540. Differential Equations (4)
MATH3560. Numerical Analysis (3)