Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Objective: This program prepares one for further study in the technology and application of computing or a career in business, science, or industry. Selected job titles of graduates include: programmer, software engineer, network analyst, systems analyst, game programmer, system administrator, web developer, web designer.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Requirements: 62-72 credits, including 45-55 in computer science
COMP1220. Introduction to Computer Science (3)
COMP2220. Computer Programming in C++ (3); and,
COMP2220L. Computer Programming in C++ Laboratory (1)
COMP2040. Introduction to Web Development (3) or
    COMP2260. Event-Driven Programming (3); and,
    COMP2260L. Event-Driven Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP2630. Computer Architecture (3)
COMP2750. Data Structures (3)
COMP3330. Database Design and Programming (3); and,
COMP3330L. Database Design and Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP3370. Systems Analysis and Design (3)
COMP3430. Operating Systems I (3); and,
COMP3430L. Operating Systems I Laboratory (1)
COMP3630. Networks and Data Communications I (3)
COMP3970. Introduction to Senior Project (1)
COMP4680. Software Development Project (4); or,
    COMP4970. Research (1-3) (4 required)
COMP4980*. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)
MATH2310. Discrete Mathematics (3)
MATH2510. Calculus I (4)
MATH2520. Calculus II (4)
MATH3320. Linear Algebra (3)
MATH3240. Probability and Statistics I (3)

Complete one of the following concentrations:

Computer Science Core Concentration (9credits)
COMP3640. Networks and Data Communications II (3)
COMP3750. Algorithm Analysis (3)
Choose one course from:
     Any additional Computer Science course numbered 3000 or above
     Any additional Mathematics course numbered 3000 or above

Data Science Concentration (18 credits)
COMP3750. Algorithm Analysis (3)
COMP4330. Machine Learning (3)
Choose four courses from:
     COMP3230. Introduction to Spatial Analysis (3)
     COMP3810. Parallel Computation (3)
     COMP4220. Artificial Intelligence (3)
     COMP4340. Advanced Database Design and Programming (3)
     MATH3250. Probability and Statistics II (3)

* COMP4980 must be taken at Northwest Nazarene University.