Bachelor of Arts, Computer Graphic Design

Objective: This program is for students who wish to pursue a liberal arts degree with some specialization in computer science and graphic design, but do not intend to enter graduate school in computer science. Selected job titles of graduates include: programmer, software engineer, network analyst, systems analyst, game programmer, system administrator, web developer, web designer.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Requirements: 59-61 credits including 32-35 in computer science and 21 in graphic design.
COMP1220. Introduction to Computer Science (3)
COMP2220. Computer Programming in C++ (3); and,
COMP2220L. Computer Programming in C++ Laboratory (1)
ARDE1020. 2D Design (3)
ARDE2350. Graphic Design 1: Introduction to Visual Communication (3)
ARDE2360. Graphic Design 2: Typography (3)
ARDE2430. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)
ARDE3340. Design History: Industrial Revolution to Contemporary Design (3)
ARDE3360. Graphic Design 3: Advanced Practice (3)
ARDE4440. Advanced Web Design (3)
COMP2040. Introduction to Web Development (3); or,
    COMP2260. Event-Driven Programming (3); and,
    COMP2260L. Event-Driven Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP2630. Computer Architecture (3)
COMP2750. Data Structures (3)
COMP3330. Database Design and Programming (3); and,
COMP3330L. Database Design and Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP3370. Systems Analysis and Design (3)
COMP3630. Networks and Data Communications I (3)
COMP3970. Introduction to Senior Project (1)
COMP4680. Software Development Project (4); or,
    COMP4970. Research (1-4)
COMP4980.* Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)
MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)
MATH2310. Discrete Mathematics (3)

Choose one of the following:
COMP3230. Introduction to Spatial Analysis (3)
COMP3430. Operating Systems I (3); and
COMP3430L. Operating Systems I Laboratory (1)
COMP3530. Computer Graphics (3); and,
COMP3530L. Computer Graphics Laboratory (1)
COMP3640. Networks and Data Communications II (3)
COMP3750. Algorithm Analysis (3)
COMP4330. Machine Learning and Data Mining (3)
COMP4430. Compilers (3)

*COMP4980 must be taken at Northwest Nazarene University