Co-Major, Creative Writing

The co-major in Creative Writing provides students with opportunities to practice writing in multiple genres, to read and discuss models of great literature, and to understand the style and function of the English language.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies

Requirements: 31 credits of which 18 shall be numbered above 2999, completion of a major or second co-major from a different discipline

ENGL2050. Beginning Creative Writing (3)
COMM2250. Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)
ENGL3015. Topics in Writing (any topic) (3)
ENGL3040W. Creative Writing—Prose (3)
ENGL3050. Creative Writing—Poetry (3)
ENGL3120. Linguistics: Structure and History of English (3)
ENGL3510. Twentieth Century Poetry (3)
ENGL4980. Senior Seminar (1)
Three courses selected from:
     COMM3250. Advanced Screenwriting (3)
     ENGL2220. American Literature: Civil War to the Present (3)
     ENGL2320. British Literature: The Romantic Age to the Present (3)
     ENGL2410. Major Literature in the Western World (3)
     ENGL3320. Shakespeare (3)
     ENGL3410. Greek and Roman Classics (3)
     ENGL3520. Twentieth Century Drama (3)
     ENGL4270. Minority Voices in American Literature (3)