Minor, Kinesiology

Administrator: Chair, Department of Kinesiology
The Kinesiology minor is a combination of activity and core courses found in the area of Kinesiology. It will provide the student with a wide experience of core coursework in the major and activity-based instruction and participation. 
Requirements: 18-19 credits, 9 of which shall be numbered 2999 and above. 
Students must complete
KINE2640 Kinesiology Majors Activity Laboratory (1)
*Students must complete CPR/First aid certification (American Red Cross preferred)
Choose 2 courses for 2-3 credits:
KINE1020 Heart Healthy Activities (1)
KINE1030 Lifetime Sport Activities (1)
KINE1040 Outdoor Activities (1)
KINE2900A Outdoor Skills Water* (2)
KINE2900B Outdoor Skills Land* (2)
KINE2900C Outdoor Skills Snow* (2)
Complete 15 credits, 9 of which shall be numbered above 2999
KINE1310 Introduction to Recreation and Kinesiology (3)
KINE2430 Health Issues in Today’s Society* (3)
KINE2410 Introduction to Athletic Training and Physical Therapy with Lab (3)
KINE2700 Leadership in Outdoor Recreation * (3)
KINE2730 Nutrition across the Lifespan (2)
KINE2750 Outdoor Pursuits (2)
KINE2850 Camp Administration and Outdoor Education* (2)
KINE3440 Advanced Athletic Training* (3)
KINE3560 Psychology and Techniques of Coaching (3)
KINE3600 Motor Development and Motor Learning (2)
KINE3630 Corrective Adaptive Physical Education (2)
KINE3640 Physiology of Exercise (3)
KINE3650 Biomechanics (3)
KINE2094-4094 Topics Course (1-3)
KINE4520 Tests and Measurements in Physical Education* (3)
KINE4560 Administration and Supervision of HPERD* (3)
*Alternate Year Courses