Department of Kinesiology

Faculty: Scott Kinnaman (Department Chair), Ben Gall

Learning Objectives:

  1. Graduates of the department and general education students will be able to think critically and assess wellness benchmarks in order to increase awareness of personal wellness level competencies. (Truth and Transformation)
  2. Graduates of the department will demonstrate current methods in leadership, management, and coaching techniques within respective professional employment environments. (Transformation, Community)
  3. Graduates of the department will utilize and implement knowledge of the human body and its movement function within a recreational or an athletic setting in order to adapt and improve physical performance. (Truth)
  4. Graduates of the department will be able to use a variety of information technologies, internships, field experiences, and student teaching experiences to help develop their personal style of leadership and instruction for future endeavors. (Transformation, Service)
  5. Graduates of the department will be aware of the current health issues within the context of a complex societal environment. Graduates will understand issues of integrity and faith and the value these areas add to their profession. (Community) 


Athletic Training Concentration
Kinesiology/Coaching Concentration
Sport Management Concentration
Outdoor Recreation Concentration
Physical Education