Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Political science is the systematic study of government, public policy, and the political behavior of individuals and groups. This study develops and sharpens the mind and encourages students to seek solutions to contemporary public problems in relation to personal and Christian values.

Administrator: Dr. Steve Shaw

Requirements: 46-48 credits: 40 in political science of which 31 shall be numbered above 2999

POLS1010. American National Politics (3)
POLS1030. The Foundations of Politics: The Quest for Peace and Justice (3)
POLS1050. Introduction to International Relations (3)
POLS3410. American Political Thought and Ideology (3)
POLS3520. Theories of Politics (3)
POLS3610. Comparative Politics (3)
POLS4960. Internship in Political Science (3)
POLS4970. Senior Thesis and Capstone (4)

One year of modern foreign language (same language) (6-8)

Fifteen credits in political science numbered above 2999 (15)