Bachelor of Arts, International Studies

The International Studies major provides the student with an understanding of international affairs through the study of modern language, intercultural communication skills, business and international commerce, and the social and political realities which exist outside the United States. The major also develops in students critical liberal arts skills, such as written and oral communication and critical thinking, and encourages students to seek solutions to contemporary problems through the application of personal and Christian values. Most of the career choices in this area, such as diplomacy, law, international finance, bilingual service, international ministry, and others, require advanced degrees or further specialized training.

Administrator: Dr. Justin Clardie

Requirements: 52-54 credits from the departments of Business and Economics; History and Political Science; Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies; Mathematics; and Philosophy and Religion.

ECON2420.  Macroeconomic Analysis (3)
GEOG1050. Intro to Geography (3)
POLS1030. The Foundation of Politics: The Quest for Peace and Justice (3)
POLS1050. Introduction to International Relations (3)
POLS3100 Globalization (3)
POLS3210. Social Science Research Methods (3)
POLS3610. Comparative Politics (3)
POLS4560. International Peace and Global Governance (3)
POLS4970. Senior Thesis and Capstone (4)

9 credits from the following courses, of which 3 shall have the HIST prefix:
ENGL3420 or ENGL3420W. Foreign Literature in Translation (3)
GEOG2100 Human Geography (3)
HIST3480. Modern Europe: 1800 - Present (3)
HIST3490. Modern Africa (3)
HIST3500. The Dragon and the Rising Sun (3)
MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)
THEO3630. Exploring Western World Religious Traditions (3)
THEO3640. Exploring Eastern World Religious Traditions (3)
CLTA2250. Issues of Developing Nations I (3)
CLTA3250. Issues of Developing Nations II (3)

9 additional credits numbered above 2999 from the following areas:
    Foreign Language
    Political Science

Level IV Cross-Cultural Experience

One year of a modern foreign language numbered above 1999 (6-8).