World Language, Spanish First Teaching Field  (6-12 or K-12)

Requirements: 30 credits of which 22 shall be numbered above 2999, including 2 credits in secondary methods

SPAN2010. Intermediate Spanish (4)
SPAN2020. Intermediate Spanish (4)
SPAN3010. Advanced Conversation and Composition (3)
SPAN3094 Topics in Hispanic Culture, Literature, or Linguistics (3) (Linguistics topic)
SPAN3630. Teaching Foreign Language in the Secondary School (2)

One course selected from Spanish or Hispanoamerican civilization:

SPAN3094. Topics in Hispanic Culture, Literature, or Linguistics (3) (cultural topic)
SPAN3310. Hispanic Civilization (3) 

One course selected from Spanish or Hispanoamerican literature:
SPAN3094. Topics in Hispanic Culture, Literature or Linguistics (3) (literature topic)
SPAN3510. Survey of Hispanic Literature (3) 

Eight (8) credits in Spanish numbered above 2999 

Additionally, Spanish Education majors are required to do the following:

  1. Complete a cultural immersion experience.
  2. Maintain a journal of cultural observations and resources related to their cultural immersion experience.
  3. Maintain a portfolio of 3 major papers representing the areas of linguistics, civilization, and literature.
  4. Demonstrate oral proficiency (ACTFL advanced level or better on a modified oral proficiency examination).

Cultural Immersion Experience: Students who have not lived in a cultural setting where Spanish is the primary language are required to study, travel, or work in such a setting for an extended period of time. Examples of acceptable experiences are a college-level summer school session, or academic-year program in a school such as the Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico, or the Latin American Studies Program in San Jose, Costa Rica. Approved Off-Campus (OCAM prefix) courses or approved transfer courses from travel-study programs may be substituted for courses listed in the categories above. Prior approval of a travel-study program must be obtained from the chair of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies. May fulfil a General Education Level 4 Cross-Cultural Experience if taken with CLST1004CC Semester Abroad Intercultural Lab 4.