Psychology Second Teaching Field (6-12)

Requirements: 20 credits
PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSYC2100. Lifespan Development (3)
PSYC2215. Research Design (3)
PSYC2245L. Statistical Analysis Lab (1)
PSYC3455. Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSYC3702. Counseling Theory and Helping Skills (3)
PSYC3702L. Counseling Theory and Helping Skills Lab (1)

Minimum of three credits selected from:
PSYC1250. Psychology for Life (2)
PSYC1615. Careers in Psychology (2)
PSYC2559. Psychology of Motivation and Leadership (3)
PSYC3094. Topics in Psychology (1-3)
PSYC3701. Contemporary Approaches in Child and Adolescent Development (3)
PSYC4111. Human Sexuality (3)
PSYC4112. Human Diversity (3)
PSYC4511. Psychology of Religion (3)